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LSAT Section

Powerscore is one of the largest LSAT companies with classes online and in over 70 cities in the USA and Canada. The Powerscore Free LSAT Resource Center offers:

  • Free Mini-Course
    Excerpts from prep guides and strategy guides, including this sample free chapter from Powerscore's Logic Games Bible
    (the best-selling Logic Games prep guide).

  • Law School Admissions Help
    Help in selecting a law school and admissions advice.

  • Free copy of the 2007 LSAT and the tools to take it:
Powerscore's LSAT Score Analyzer
This is an excel spreadsheet that analyzes your performance on the free 2007 LSAT test. Enter your answers into the spreadsheet as you go through the sections. The spreadsheet will grade and analyze your performance.

  Virtual Proctor
The Virtual Proctor starts a countdown timer for the test and it will walk you through each section to simulate the LSAT test day experience.
LSAT sample
*LSAT is a registered trademark of LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) . The LSAT Center has no affiliation. All LSAT's are simulated.