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 San Jose covers the San Jose city area of California.

Californial Western School of Law has an average LSAT score of 153.

San Jose LSAT Classes

Kaplan Test Prep - the largest LSAT preparation and law school admissions counseling company. Kaplan offers online and live courses ranging from $400-$1500.

  • Proven track record: Most popular LSAT class.

  • Personalized learning: Kaplan's course gives you customized recommendations based on your needs.

  • Higher score guaranteed or your money back.

LSAT On Demand
Prep at your own pace with comprehensive, video instruction accessible when and where you want.

Starting at $649

Learn More

LSAT Classroom Anywhere
Interact with expert teachers in a live, online classroom.

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses
11/15 - 12/02Su, T, Th, Sa
12/06 - 02/01Su, Sa
12/10 - 01/21M, W
12/15 - 01/02M, T, W, Th, F
12/16 - 01/22T, Th
12/22 - 02/02M, W
12/30 - 02/03T, Th

More classes & information

LSAT Classroom On-Site
In-person instruction from expert teachers at a classroom location near you.

Local Kaplan LSAT Advantage Classroom Courses
01/05/2015 - 02/04/2015 M, W, Sa
01/10/2015 - 02/04/2015 M, W, Sa
01/15/2015 - 02/05/2015 Su, T, Th
01/21/2015 - 02/05/2015 M, T, W, Th

More classes & information

PowerScore LSAT Prep

  • Instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile on an official LSAT

  • Thousands of pages of material with official LSAT questions and practice tests from Law Services

  • Free LSAT Homework Hotline for after-hours help with homework

The Powerscore Logic Games Bible
The best-selling guide to the logic games for over a decade.
Free 35-page sample.

Online LSAT Course
36 hours of live online instruction
45 hours of online teaching sessions

Online Courses ($995)
Nov 19Nov 19FREE Live Online Seminar
Mar 15May 31Live Online Course Spring III
Mar 11May 27Live Online Course Spring II
Mar 28May 20Live Online Course Spring IV
Mar 10May 26Live Online Course Spring I
Nov 16Feb 01Live Online Course Winter I
Dec 15Feb 02Live Online Course Winter III Day
Dec 09Jan 29Live Online Course Winter II
Jan 08Feb 03Live Online Course Winter V
Jan 03Feb 02Live Online Course Winter IV

Full-Length LSAT Course
64 live lecture hours
45 hours of online teaching sessions

Full Length Courses ($1,295)
Hotel Avante: 860 East El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040
Jan 03Feb 05Mountain View, CA
UC Berkeley Faculty Club: University of California Berkeley, CA 94720
Jan 03Feb 05Berkeley, CA
San Francisco Omni: 500 California Street San Francisco, CA 94104
Dec 13Feb 04San Francisco, CA
University of California, Davis Wellman Hall: One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616
University of California, Davis: One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616
Jan 03Feb 05Davis, CA

Weekend Online LSAT Course
16 lecture hours taught over two days
19 hours of online lecture sessions

Weekend Online Courses ($395)
Jan 10Jan 18Live Online Weekend Course Winter IA
Jan 24Feb 01Live Online Weekend Course Winter IIB
Jan 10Jan 18Live Online Weekend Course Winter IB
Jan 24Feb 01Live Online Weekend Course Winter IIA
Nov 22Nov 30Live Online Weekend Course Fall IIB
Nov 22Nov 30Live Online Weekend Course Fall IIA

Weekend LSAT Course
16 lecture hours taught over two days
19 hours of online lecture sessions

Weekend Courses ($395)
San Jose Fairfield Inn & Suites: 1755 North First Street San Jose, CA 95112
Nov 22Nov 23San Jose, CA
San Jose Doubletree: 2050 Gateway Place San Jose, CA 95110
Jan 17Jan 18San Jose, CA
Jan 24Jan 25San Francisco, CA
Nov 22Nov 23San Francisco, CA
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